Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This Blog Reborn
I took this blog down for a while to rework it. It was vastly in need of some repair.
Well, now it is back, but I'd like to provide a sort of overview.

This blog is truth straight from the heart. Because of that is unsuitable for most people to read. Most people can't handle the truth.

I recognize that the truth is as perceived. The truth you will find here changes constantly, but it is always true at the moment it is written. So, it is rather a form of poetry written in prose. You could even say it is fiction, which is often the best place to encapsulate truth, because if you hide your truth in fiction you avoid offending anyone.

But much of the time it is caustic. It may sound like I hate my reader from time to time. I do not. I am just expressing the truth at that moment.

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