Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Greetings from Cleveland

Hi everyone. I am currently in Cleveland, where today was a blustery winter 64 degrees. (It is supposed to chill down again before I leave.)

The above is a fairly good arial view of the city downtown. The street on the left that you see coming all the way down to the water (Lake Erie) is East 9th. If you see the large green oval in the center of downtown, go a block above that: You'll see there a square with a criss-cross of roads going through it. That's a place called Public Square. The street between Public square and the park with the green oval lawn is Superior. If you follow Superior to the left, toward where it intersects with East 9th: That's where I am right this very moment. There's a hotel on that corner (on the lower right hand side of that corner as you look at this image) and I'm on the 12th floor. If you can see the tall white building sandwitched between the two darker buildings: that's the tall building immediatly next door (and attached) to the hotel building I'm staying in. The funny shaped sliver-white building that is at an odd angle from the street is the next block down toward the lake from me. Just past that building is a parking garage, and then the Catholic Cathedral, which is right out my window. I look down upon Christ suspended from the Cross.

When I came into town last Sunday night, the Terminal tower was lit up like this:

but it isn't any more... I guess they have to end Christmas sometime.

This was my very first business trip. I feel fortunate that I was sent here. It was great to meet a customer that I've worked for for the past couple of years, and to work with their team first hand for several days.

Well, more later. I don't really have much to say right now.