Thursday, November 09, 2006

A New Twist to an Old Game


Don't know what takes the blogger mo-blog system so long. I posted this photo 3 days ago. Meanwhile, next thing you know and it's going to post my flood picture, which is, of course, very old news now!

~ Basil by the leaves

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Handle Snakes

In commemoration of this lady here:

Woman fatally bitten by snake in church

I just had to give a listen to one of my favorite CD's tonight: Tonio K's "Romeo Unchained" - and my wife had to sit and listen to me do Karioki:

From the top, boys:


it's my life
it's my decision
it's my idea of a good time
it's my religion
i don't make no sudden movements
can't afford to make mistakes
i'm a fearless man
i handle snakes (y'all)

the lord of hosts
has got to like me
else this thing here
(this one right here)
would surely strike me
the one man lays down 10 percent
another man trembles and quakes
i save my money
i handle snakes (y'all)

i handle snakes
well i hug 'em and i kiss 'em
i handle snakes
and if they kill me
i'll sure miss 'em

(i handle snakes
i love it when they listen
i handle snakes
and if they kill me
i'm sure gonna miss 'em

'cause it's my life
it's my decision
it's my idea of a good time (yes it is yes it is)
it's my religion
i don't say hallelujah
i don't even say grace
but i make my statement
i say it with snakes

* * * * * *

There's a brief demo version of the song here, in case you want to hear it:


Monday, November 06, 2006

America and Freedom

Sometimes I wonder: just what sort of freedom do we have here in the U.S.A.? Freedom of Speech? Freedom of Press?

Here's something to put it into perspective for you.

Lately, I've been wandering the Russian web. There's several good reasons for this: one of which is the fact that I'm polishing up my Russian language skills right now. Another is the fact that I'm slowly working on a russian website in the .ru domainspace.

Tonight I fell upon this little gem here:

What is particularly cool about this site is that it is the main web-portal for a city north of Moscow called Lamagrad. That's not really what's so cool. But I find the fact that they list the Saint of the day, display an icon for the day, and tell you whether or not it is a fast day, on their main city web portal, to be quite a blessing.

Is U.S.A. really the land of freedom?

God Bless the good people of Lamgrad!