Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our Civil Liberties, Police State, and the Proper Government Substitutes for Intelligent Citizens

I've been following the LA Fires in the news, as I suppose so many others have been.

I figure it is probably a terrorist act, now that they are fairly certain that the fires were deliberately set. Will we ever know? Maybe not. Our government doesn't want us to know too much. Might make us panic. Might make us elect someone else. You know.

Anyway, I'm considering the citizens of Souther Cal fairly heroic for their bravery in the midst a very difficult situation. This is their September 11th, and we should honor that.

Meanwhile, in one article:
On The Difficulties People are Finding Getting Back to their Homes

There is this great post by a local resident. I think it both sums up the truth of the situation, the Great American Spirit of individualism that made our country great, and the impoverished ideology our current government has (which is really demoralizing to the country, and threatens the future of our country more than terrorism does). Now, I don't want to read too much into what this guy says, but he has a way with words, and I agree with him 100%:

John E. wrote on Oct 25...
" The topic of 'mandatory' evacuations raises very significant issues regarding civil liberty. Our lawsuit-happy and risk-averse society is in danger of morphing into a nanny state, in which Big Brother knows best and John Q. Public is treated as a buffoon who always knows less than the so-called experts. If I had a wooden-roofed house atop a chaparral-covered slope, I would probably choose to evacuate even before the reverse 9-1-1 call, but if I had a reasonably fire-resistant house at the bottom of a canyon, with 'shelter in place' landscaping and a good water supply with a backup generator for a pump, I might decide to stay. There is no substitute for clear, rational thought, personal responsibility, and risk assessment. "

Bravo, John, and thanks for both your words ans your bravery!

There are also some great words on the page from a feisty Grandmother, Ada.

I hope you folks stay safe and well.