Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why are Russian troops left behind as 'Peace Keepers' in Poti?

This story doesn't really surprise me. And only time will tell what the purpose of this activity is:

but, why have the Russians left behind a small peace-keeping force in Poti?

I think, clearly they expect some sort of NATO trechery. They are expecting the U.S., France, and UK ships that are in the area to unload not just food and water, but troops and arms. They want to be sure they have someone on scene to observe this.

If there is one thing we've taught Russia about democracy, it's: "don't trust us."

* Basil

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Bush War in Georgia?

Did George Bush start the war in Georgia in order to help Mc Cain become elected as president?

I know it sounds crazy. I didn't think of this myself (and, actually, I'm sorry I didn't think of it, because it makes perfect sense.)

Apparently this is the most popular version in Russia of what's going on in Georgia. It is being debated in the news all over Russia, and by the elected leaders of Russia (their congress and senate, etc), and the idea was apparently proposed by one Russian news media outlet, and then later it was confirmed that they are considering the idea by "sources close to Medvedev".

But, the more I think about it. The more it makes sense.

What are the facts:

* well, we already know George Bush is an excellent liar, and deciever of the people.

* we know that U.S. has had high level military personnel, training personnel and CIA working to help the Georgian Government for quite some time now.

* we know that Russia couldn't possibly have had anything to gain politically by taking up a military conflict down there. Russia knows well that it walks a thin line with all of it's neighbors, and went into this whole situation with great reluctance to stop the crushing destruction that the Georgians launched on the S. Osettians in the middle of the night.

(So, what motive could Russia have possibly had? Their hand was pushed in the matter. The Bush administration knew full well that Russia would not stand by and ignore things if the Georgians invaded S. Osettia in the middle of the night, leveling nearly every building in the city, and specifically targeting thousands of civilians after they took out the tiny Russian peace-keeping force that was stationed there.)

And, I think it is clear to everyone that Georgia is a U.S. puppet in the matter (although the U.S. administration pretends that this idea surprises them...) the "cat is out of the bag" as it were, when the Georgian president says so confidently to his people: "Everything is going to be alright now. The U.S. has taken control of our ports and air fileds."

Of course, the U.S. had not. But the guy is such a psycho that to him it seems like that's exactly what the U.S. was doing by landing a cargo transport plane there.

Anyway, I when I heard this "popular opinion" of the Russian people the other day, I just laughed. But inside it has been simmering. The idea actually makes more and more sense the more I think about it.

Then I read this news story here (U.S. news about Obama -v- McCain):

There is a clear motive for this crime: get McCain elected, because when people are worried about war, they want a strong military-like leader.

How did the U.S. fall so far from what is morally correct in this world, that we've progressed from liberating Iraquies to helping out Hitlers?