Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No Tea and Exploding Plates
The latest in Basiland

Well, here's a couple of the items I've been working on lately.

First there is No Tea, a web site (blog) devoted to my wife's grandmother's memoirs which were written in Russian, and then recently published in English Translation. Check out and and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Next there's Exploding Plate, my exciting new blog at - a place where I can grumble about all the trash we buy in our stores that breaks down shortly after you get it home and lose the receipt or shortly after the warantee expires. This way I won't have to pollute the noble FlyInTheHolyOil with my raving about the downfall of America because of unrequited consumerism. I plan to expand that site slowly, first with photos and more information about my gripes, but eventually with a message board / forum where folks can join, log in, and post about their own product gripes.

Both of these sites are powered by the WordPress blogging software. I really like WordPress because it gives you both the capability of a CMS, and a blog all in one. You can have blog entries that scroll away as blog entries usually do, and also have "pages" which are always available right there from your menu. Having these pages here in English using WordPress also helps me get used to using word press, which I plan to also install in Russian and hook into my site (one of my more ambitious and long-term projects where I hope to someday provide free blogging to Russians.)

As a side-line, I'm going to be shortly incorporating google ad-words into my blogs (all of them) starting with once I've got some more content up there. Currently I've got three or four products slated to grumble about and am just waiting for my camera battery to recharge so I can get some photos off my camera.