Friday, September 17, 2004

Are All Muslims Evil?

This is a question I frequently find me asking myself. Well, I'm still not certain about the answer.

One friend pointed out to me that Muslims do not believe in a God (Allah) of Love as we Christians do. Well, I've never read the Quran (spelled Koran in English when I was younger), and so I don't really have any impression to speak of. My impression of Muslims comes from what little bit I read of in the media (pretty much always terrorism) and the few encounters I've had with real Muslims in the real world (like the kind Muslim woman who told my wife: "we Muslims don't persecute and hate Christians. In fact the only time in my life I would be obligated as a devout Muslim to kill you would be if you tried to convert me." - she wasn't joking...)

Needless to say, such thoughts coming from an assumed "ordinary Muslim" make one think that the religion is wholly evil and without and possibility of peace existence in the world.

Anyway, with those thoughts as a background for my own impressions of what Islam is all about, I am happy to say I discovered a web site today that seems to indicate (at least some elements of Islam) have at least some virtuous conceptions.

This web site:
What do Wahhabis Think About 9/11?
is about a sect of Islam (or maybe you could call it a denomination?) that is making it a point of trying to deny the allegation that all Muslims are Terrorists, or that "true Muslims" even support terrorism.

Well, I think it is worth reading some of these pages for a balanced perspective.