Friday, June 23, 2006

Blogging in Russian

Well, that last post was my first attempt to blog something in Russian. The character set doesn't work right inside the blog. When I paste that into a web page I can view it. Not sure what the problem is - but I've read that at least some people are able to blog in alternate character sets.

Anyway, I attempted to invent a new Russian word (all you slavophiles will appreciate it) "blogopisat" = to blog - I've appended the word blog to the word for write. But my new word ?????????? will probably never catch on because I can't seem to display it.

Meanwhile: while searching for prayers in Russian (it turns out that Slavonic is more of a foreign language to my new Russian-speaking daughter than English is) I came across this really cool web site:

It is actually an Orthodox summer camp for Children in Russia! Hoorah, that they have such a thing now! God bless the Motherland!

Anyway, that's what life's been all about lately, speaking in Russian. For some reason I don't get a head ache like I do when my wife is trying to make me speak Russian. Xenia doesn't find herself as frustrated either.

We are learning all sorts of new words (or at least I am) plus we are discovering ways in which the Belorussians pronounce their Russian words completely different from the way the Russians do. Also: learned a few strictly Belorussian words.


a.k.a. ????
?.?.?. ????

????? ??? ?
????????? ?? ???????.

? ?? ????? ????