Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It's the Little Things that Count
(against you...)

Folks wonder why I refer to McCain as a fascist, and sometimes a Nazi. Of course he isn't a Nazi by profession, explicitly, or by proclamation. Nor is he as fascist by proclamation or profession.

But it's the things he says that give you clues as for what is in the man's heart:

Take this latest little news story, for example:

We can all pull together and wipe out the Iranians by sending them cigarettes.

Or his previous joke about a beach boy's song: "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran"

These sorts of things underscore his biggest flaw. He's one of those "old school" fascists (that's what I call them) who still has the mindset that it is the PEOPLE of various foreign countries that are our natural-born enemies, and not simply governments that we disagree with. It is the same thing with his approach to Russia, where he carries the typical Republican-Administration approach that Russia is still our enemy, even though we all know that the truth of the matter is that the Government and People of Russia overthrew our old enemy the Soviet Union.

We should have no enemy in Russia, if we have any sense.

It is one of America's (and to some degree Europe's) greatest disgraces that will go down in history marking us as bigots, the fact that our governments did not step up to the plate and help Russia rebuild itself after overthrowing the Soviet Union. But, setting that asside for a moment, these ideologies reveal something about the intellect of our potential future leaders.

The mentality that various groups of people, citizens of foreign lands, are our natural-born enemies is a very stupid, ulgy, and bigoted way of thinking. It is really a ghastly primative way of thinking, revealing the mentality of cavemen with clubs, when one would hope our society was more educated by now. And it is a complete contradiction to our pretentious chant that "everyone should have a democracy."

What we see in McCain's inadvertent comments shows us that deep down inside this man who wants to be president has his own ideas of how the world should be, and as much as he likes to claim he will not be carrying on the tradition of the last 3 Bush adminstrations, you should know that he will. I think he would not only continue it, but make things even worse than they are in terms of U.S. creating as many new enemies as possible around the globe for no sensible reason at all.