Saturday, September 02, 2006

Green Gin and Ham

My dear friend, Mr. Gustav BenJava, gave me this little poem to publish on the internet. I don't know why the poor old fool can't publish his stuff himself. Or better still, find some unsuspecting New York Publishing house to publish it. But I digress. Here's "Green Gin and Ham" (sub-title appears at the very end so as not to be a "spoiler". ~ basil

Green Gin and Ham

I eat gin and ham for breakfast

though some don't think it right;

but I'm an interstellar cowboy

getting ready for his flight.

They say don't drink alone

and that I surely wouldn't do

for I drink my gin with Roses

lime cordial in it too.

And surely I'd turn an eye or two

having breakfast at 2 AM;

Don't know if that is worse, or

that after breakfast I turn in.

Gin and ham it is for me

my breakfast every time

and then I sail into the reaches of space

and I do it with a rhyme.

Green Gin and Ham

(an ode upon the Gimlet)

by Gustav BenJava, (c) 2006 Gustav BenJava