Friday, June 11, 2010

Just when you feel like giving up...

Thank God for my daughter.

She's at the age of adolescence where we need to have discussions about life quite a lot. This really only started a couple of months ago.

Last night we were talking about communications within our family. Particularly the difficulty sometimes of communicating. I told her that one of our regular family communications problems was my fault, because I was a complete failure at this particular thing (I won't bore you with details) and then she said something that surprised me:

"Well, sometimes the only thing that gives me confidence to keep on going when things get difficult is you, Dad. Because you encounter all these difficulties and you don't give up, I feel like I shouldn't give up when I encounter difficulties too."

Wow! That really took me by surprise. Now I have another reason not to give up. Of course, my family should always be my primary reason to never give up, but sometimes I forget.

Thank you God! And thank you Xenia!