Thursday, February 21, 2008

Meat Fair

Orthodox Christians this week are enjoying a week full of eating meat. This is a special week in which, traditionally, you eat up all the last of the meat in the house so that you won't have any left to tempt you during Lent. Technically speaking.

Of course, this concept was invented before there were refrigerators and freezers, etc. But Orthodox Christians still celebrate today a full week of eating meat.

My dinner tonight:
* a steak and a half (medium rare)
* 3/4 of a roasted sweet red pepper (bell-type pepper)
* 3/4 of a roasted green pepper (bell-type pepper)
* six cloves of garlic (5 of them roasted after being dipped in olive oil, and the 6th crushed and spread on my steak)
* 3/4 a bottle of Merlot (the other 4th went into the marinade -- does that count as drinking a whole bottle?)


I enjoy these times when we aren't fasting.

No only do I enjoy it, I'm downright good at "feasting" as it were.

Well, if only I can be so devoted during the fasts.