Friday, August 31, 2007

Reinventing Myself

Why don't I blog more? This question taunts me constantly. Well, really the question is: why don't I write more?

I could blame my temporary impairment on the fact that I broke a finger two weeks ago, and now, in addition to my normal impairment of carpal-tunnel symptoms in my hand (sore joints, wrist, sometimes pain all the way to my elbow), well now, in addition to that problem, I've a sprained finger, a broken finger, and a third really sore finger that was nearly sprained. So, I'm typing with my hand in a cast and only three fingers (including my thumb) to type with there (right hand). Yes, I can think of excuses.

But I know what my real problem is: how to say what I really want to say without drawing negative attention to myself.

Well, I've decided to "turn over a new leaf" - I'm just going to spew it all out, and I'm going to spew it all out here in this one blog, devoted to... well, devoted to the art of spewing it all out I guess.

So, I daily have things to say, but I worry myself too much over saying them right.

Take for instance my GRIPE. I was thinking of starting a whole separate blog devoted to complaining about Microsoft. But I don't want people to get the impression that I'm a crabby old man, or that I have something personally against them. And also there's the question: what if I someday want to work for them? (Got forbid!) But being that I'm in the Software Quality Assurance industry - do I really want to burn that bridge - I mean if someone were to find me complaining constantly about Microsoft....

Well, I can't take it any longer. The idiots employ the largest workforce in the State of Washington, they rake in the money, and they can't even write a !@$#!@#$# operating system that actually works!

I find myself spending between 40 and 60% of my work time overcoming the obstacles Microsoft puts in our way to get our work done. Excel crashing when you try to really use it, hotmail breaking up links on emails making it impossible for my less-than-computer-savvy friends to click on them and get to the link (or even figure out how to split up multiple lines), the O/S keeping me from moving my files when I want to... the list simply goes on and on.

So, anyway, I'm not going to hold back any longer.

Of course there are other things I can complain about too, like the fact that firefox runs your computer out of memory and eventually crashes every time there is an update available that you've been postponing. Or the fact that NVue still has an annoying bug in it that has been there since it was called netscape composer 1.0.

Linux is not without it's problems either, but I've finally resorted to having two separate primary work computers, one linux of the Gentoo flavor, and one XP (don't give me that VISTA crap!) just so that I can always get my work done...

.. speaking of getting my work done. Got to go.

Designated Driver?

Somehow, I don't think this is what they meant when they told you to bring along a designated driver:

Woman Allows 5-year-old Son To Drive

It is a strange world.