Monday, January 24, 2011

Dead Girl Walking

Dead Girl Walking

(First a little blurby... I've been writing a lot of poetry in a form of musical lyrics. If you or someone you know would like to make this into a song, please contact me. This particular piece was inspired jointly by a character in my next book, and by a certain photo I found on deviant art. I will try to find a link to the photo and post it. Here it is...)

Dead Girl Walking

I've been walking
Walking with the dead
Girl I've been talking
Talking with the dead

How she sings
The flesh slipping down her skull
Make a pretty face

I've been talking
Talking withe the dead
Girl I've been walking
Walking with the dead

Long road
Narrow pass
Desolation greets
At the mouth of the tunnel
Your red socks
Black dress and nobby knees
Held together by a key
On a scarlet ribbon
And a smile

Don't drop your face
Dead girl walkin