Monday, March 31, 2003

This just in from BBC news:

Monday, 31 March

2108: Seven Iraqi civilians - all women or children - are killed by US troops firing on their vehicle after it refused to stop at a check point near Najaf.

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I think that says about all that can be said.

Come on America, wake up? Why are you supporting this war?


Another Sad Moment in U.S. History

(and the "End of Western Civilization" part III)

Well, this weekend we were all smacked in the face with further proof that freedom of speech is being denied to honest, patriotic Americans, for doing nothing more than speaking the truth:

MSNBC and NBC news have cut relations with one of their finest journalists in the field in Iraq for speaking the truth about what has been happening here. We should all be ashamed now of NBC for shamelessly compromsing themselves by trading away honest journalism for favor with the Bush administration!

"In the interview, Arnett said his Iraqi friends had told him that there was a growing sense of nationalism and resistance to what the United States and Britain were doing."
- and why can't he say that? We all know it is true.

"He said the United States was reappraising the battlefield and delaying the war, maybe for a week, 'and rewriting the war plan. The first war plan has failed because of Iraqi resistance. Now they are trying to write another war plan.' "
- and we all know that is true also. A week ago our military was bragging about how it would be in Bhagdad in just a few days, and now they have been fighting in the defensive, rather than offensive for almost a whole week.

"Arnett said it was clear that there was growing opposition to the war within the United States and a growing challenge to President Bush."
- and again, that's something that is perfectly clear to anyone with an IQ slightly above that of vegetable mold. If Bush doesn't feel challenged at this point, then he's not simply crazy (we know that already) but probably hasn't got more than a couple brain cells to rub together! He is going to go down in infamy in the history of our country as being the one single president, who single-handedly destroyed our country's relations with the rest of the free world, made our own homeland an unsafe place to live (by multiplying our enemies around the world), and cultivated the greatest assault on the free press our country has ever encountered.

It is a sad, sad day to be an American, and it is an even sadder day to be president of this country. So, I'd say, if Bush isn't feeling the pressure from that by now, he's of worse moral character than Hitler, Stalin and the like.

But my personally suspicion is that he is. That he is sweating gumdrops by now, and soiling his underwear several times a day... to think what he has done to our great nation.

But, that's not my main point today. That's not even a big concern at the moment. At the moment, the big thing is that NBC news has canned one of their own for speaking the truth about the war. The strange thing about it is that quite soon after the initial report, NBC backed up their reporter. But several hours later, when the situation had worked its way up through managment, they retracted and canned him.

It is a sad day when our news media becomes a state organ, just like in any old foul fascist country, the kid of place we have always prided ourselves on being so different from. And it is a sad day when our news media hushes up the truth!

What a sad day to be an American.

~ Basil ~