Saturday, June 26, 2004

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Sometimes all you need for a little perspective...

... is to step back.

Passing Strangers

Thanks be to God for the kindness of passing strangers.

As we took a little stroll through downtown Seattle today (I took the day off work to spend a little quality time with my family - a sort of 1 day mini-vacation) I decided to take a picture of my wife and daughter in front of this fountain. A passing stranger asked if we'd like a shot of all of us together.

Usually I say "no" (could it be a ruse to steal my camera? will they be able to figure out how to take a picture of me? and a dozen other questions...)

Well, this time I took a look at my daughter and wife. Their faces were rosy and I felt good too. It occurred to me that we hardly have any photos in our family arsenal of all of us together. So, I consented to the kindness of this passing stranger.

As I sat down - oh, what a fool I had been. This was clearly a housewife with a stroller and two or three other children swarming around her and another woman, children like bees bees around a pair of fine, fragrant roses.

So, now I have this beautiful photo, probably the best photo ever taken of myself with my wife and daughter.

A thank you to the kind stranger.