Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Thoughts on Kosovo

There is a really good, and accurate, article by Pat Buchanan. I'm no big fan of him, but that doesn't prevent him writing an article that is right on:


As one friend of mine puts it:

What is most interesting about the Serbs taking over the part of
Kosovo where they are a majority is that if Kosovo was allowed to
declare independence from Serbia, aren't portions of Kosovo allowed to
declare independence from Kosovo?


As Buchanan says:

The U.S. war on Serbia was unconstitutional, unjust and unwise. Congress never authorized it. Serbia, an ally in two world wars, had never attacked us. We made an enemy of the Serbs, and alienated Russia, to create a second Muslim state in the Balkans.

By intervening in a civil war where no vital interest was at risk, the United States, which is being denounced as loudly in Belgrade today as we are being cheered in Pristina, has acquired another dependency. And our new allies, the KLA, have been credibly charged with human trafficking, drug dealing, atrocities and terrorism.

(I won't quote the whole thing, read it yourself.)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Our Unmitigated Hypocrisy

I find the blatant hypocrisy of NATO and US a very annoying thing. Take our example of how we take sides in Kosovo as opposed to Tibet.

In Kosovo, you have a portion of Serbia that has slowly become overcome by a non-native ethnic minority to the point where the Serbs are now the minority (rather like California and Mexicans, by the way). And at last the local Kosovo government declares what western media calls "unilateral" (suggesting that the government was unanimous in it's decision) separation from Serbia. I am quite certain that it is either a lie of western news media to call the decision to separate "unilateral" or else apparently their government does not give representation to the large ethnic Serbian population of Kosovo.

You can read about the history of Kosovo and the ongoing struggle of Serbs who have been persecuted there at http://www.kosovo.net/ These people do not want to become part of another country, because they already live in fear from an ethnic minority that does not give them fair representation, or any rights whatsoever.

I suppose the U.S. / NATA / European support of these Kosovans as they supposedly call for their independence rather parallels a long tradition that the U.S. / NATO / EU, etc. have of supporting Godless regimes that do not give their people representation and rights that goes all the way back to our support of the Godless nation of Israel, who in her own hypocrisy gives no rights or representation to the Palestinians. But, I digress.

Meanwhile, you have Tibet. I can look on Tibet with much less bias since I am not a Buddhist. When I talk about Kosovo or Israel, I am of course, biased since I am a Christian and more closely identify with the persecuted populations in both of those countries. (One may beg the question why do American's not identify more with the suffering Palestinians (who are about 40% Christian) and suffering Kosovo Christians, when we claim we are a "Christian" nation who In-God-We-Trusts. But again, I digress.)

In Tibet, I will take the side of the underdog again. You have the persecuted native peoples who have been under the thumb-screws of the Chinese regime of fascism for many years now. One can only hope that the things that are happening in Tibet will spread to the REST of China where so many people for so long as struggled in slave-labor for the profit of the state. These people are not allowed to have more than one child - it's against the law. These people are not allowed to belong to any religion: Marxism insists on atheism. So, China may have let a tiny minority of Buddhism exist, but merely as a pretense of allowing some minor level of cultural diversity. As the Dalai Lama says: the Chinese have tried to bring about a cultural genocide.

I can't wait to see what awful things unfold in China with the Olympics coming soon. China has gotten away with global approval for long enough. It is time they realize their uncivilized fascist state has not place in a peace-loving world. They've been walking around with their pants down for quite some time. I'm hoping to see them soon trip, as the trousers get tangled up around the ankles.

And if only Americans would take to the streets burning all their Chinese garbage in piles and sending a message to China that "enough is enough."

But, alas, we would rather sit back and sip our espresso watching our giant made-in-China flat-screen TVs. All those wars and chaos are entertaining from here.

~ Basil