Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Thoughts on Kosovo

There is a really good, and accurate, article by Pat Buchanan. I'm no big fan of him, but that doesn't prevent him writing an article that is right on:


As one friend of mine puts it:

What is most interesting about the Serbs taking over the part of
Kosovo where they are a majority is that if Kosovo was allowed to
declare independence from Serbia, aren't portions of Kosovo allowed to
declare independence from Kosovo?


As Buchanan says:

The U.S. war on Serbia was unconstitutional, unjust and unwise. Congress never authorized it. Serbia, an ally in two world wars, had never attacked us. We made an enemy of the Serbs, and alienated Russia, to create a second Muslim state in the Balkans.

By intervening in a civil war where no vital interest was at risk, the United States, which is being denounced as loudly in Belgrade today as we are being cheered in Pristina, has acquired another dependency. And our new allies, the KLA, have been credibly charged with human trafficking, drug dealing, atrocities and terrorism.

(I won't quote the whole thing, read it yourself.)

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