Thursday, September 30, 2004

For No Reason...

The Weekly Reader

My daughter as a new 2nd grader has started receivieing a weekly periodical called "The Weekly Reader" for young kids who are just learning how to read. It's four pages long, perfect for a 2nd grader as far as I'm concerned. The first issue was about the presidential election. It features a page on Bush and a page on Kerry. Excellent, that's about all I can stomach on the matter.

We reviewed the facts:

Bush has a cat named India.
Kerry has a bird named Sunshine.

Bush was born in Connecticut, and is currently president.
Kerry was born in Denver Colorado, and is currently a senator from Massachusetts.

Bush likes blue.
Kerry likes blue.

Bush's favorite childrens book: "The Hungry Caterpillar"
Kerry's favorite childrens book: "Robin Hood"

There's a photo of bush as a child dressed up like a cowboy riding a pony.
There's a photo of Kerry as a child on a sailboat wearing a life vest.


So after reading the little magazine, there's a series of questions on the back and a place where you can cast your vote. "Who are you going to vote for?" I ask her. (I'm thinking: Kerry, Kerry... It was the choice of book that did it for me. Bush likes a children's picture book, and Kerry likes a great classic work like Robin Hood. An actual chapter book!)

My daughter quickly points to Kerry.

"Why" I ask? "Why not vote for Bush?"

"Because he likes to keep fighting for no reason."

~ Basil