Monday, August 29, 2005

The Gimlet

(Hardly a worth post on the even of St. John the Forerunner's beheading)

I discovered the Gimlet in the works of Raymond Chandler (creator of Phil Marlowe, private detective brought ot fame by Humphrey Bogart.)

The Gimlet was the favored drink of Phil Marlowe. Apparently it was also the favored drink of Chandler himself.

(search down to Gimlet) - If it ain't easy to search down, you should be using mozilla instead of ie.)

Well, anyway, I've come to enjoy the Gimlet.

There are two recipes for this drink on webtender One of them is 4 parts Gin to 1 part Roses' Lime corial, and the other is 2 parts Gin to 1 part Roses Lime cordial. Well, I found the former only fainlty tasted of Lime, and I found the later too sour. So, I invented my own concoction: 1 part roses lime cordial to 3 parts Gin.

It is quite a good drink. The lime is good for you (vitamin C) and so is the Gin ( 2 helpings of alcholol per day keeps the doctor away.