Saturday, November 22, 2003

There was a very interesting and exciting archaeological find in Jerusalem recently.

I suggest you read all about it.

It seems they may have found the tomb of Zecharias (father of John the Baptist), Simeon ("Righteous Simeon" who blessed the baby Jesus), and James the Brother of Jesus (that's "Brother of God" to you, boy.)

They may have found the tomb of these three, or they may not.

They HAVE found, however, an inscription chilsled into the wall of the tomb from (they estimate) the 4th centrury, which quotes Luke 4:25.

It is particularly interesting to scholars of New Testament manuscripts because it is apparenently a very specific version of Luke that was floating around about that time.

But it is especially interesting to us, because they may have found the tomb of our dear Friend James' Holy and Righteous Patron, the Brother of God.