Sunday, September 09, 2007

No (Every) Child Left Behind

My wife pointed out to me that she kept seeing the phrase "No Child Left Behind" in my the materials my daughter brought home from school the first day of classes this year.

Well, I didn't really know much about it, although you hear about the act in the news frequently. I googled for it, and you get a lot of info - if you want to read the essays of social workers and politicians (that is to say "professionals" - that is to say people who have never been, nor had, children...)

I found the best place to get a nutshell overview was at Wikipedia (as usual). Basically, it is this sort of crap: we will all go as slow as the slowest kid in class, and that way "no one will get left behind". You see, scientific research tells us that we will all be ahead if we all stay back with the slowest person.

Grrr..... !@#$F#@!#$ what a bunch of idiotic morons all our scientific social workers are these days.

I had grandiose thoughts for this post (to try and convince the reader how idiotic the concept of "no child left behind" is) for example, by pointing out that for centuries (all of human existence) there have been those who struggled to try to accomplish something, to try to dig-up the mysteries in the universe: to explore, to create, to discover, to invent, to struggle, to figure out... and then there have been those who really have no interest in all that work, and would rather just sit back and watch other people perform the great struggle.

The fact is, it is a small group of people who want to struggle for the improvement of mankind, and a rather larger group of people, in fact MOST people, who just want to sit back and watch it all.

If we follow the logic of "no child left behind" we will end up with a Nation of moronic couch potatoes...

Oh, wait a minute? Maybe that's how we got here!

~ Basil

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