Saturday, January 24, 2004

St. Xenia of Petersburg

Today is the special day of the Blessed St. Xenia of Petersburg.

Lives of the Saints - Blessed Xenia of Petersburg

St. Xenia holds a special place in our lives, as being the patron saint of our daughter, Xenia.

The Holy Fools are an amazing type of saint, known for their strange portentous deeds. St. Xenia was known for many such things: wandering the streets of St. Petersburg in her husband's old clothes, sneaking into a Church being constructed to help move bricks (depicted in the icon above), making stange utterances that caused people to repent, or seek God more fervently.

I love that kind of stuff! It is the stuff that makes you think, and the sort of stuff that you remember for a long time to come. (I chose St. Basil the Holy Fool as my own saint, I love that stuff so much.)

Here is a pretty good web page on St. Xenia.


In thee, O wandering stranger, Christ the Lord hath given us an ardent intercessor for our kind. For having received in thy life sufferings and grief and served God and men with love, thou didst acquire great boldness. Wherefore, we fervently hasten to thee in temptations and grief, crying out from the depths of our hearts: Put not our hope to shame, O Blessed Xenia.

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