Wednesday, January 21, 2004


Thanks to James for an opportunity to explore the strange labyrinth of history on this strange man.

(Rasputin - Old Imperial Stout an interesting and provocative beer - quite tasty)

Well I was wondering tonight about the character of this creature Rasputin. Was he a demented devil as portrayed by Disney?

Was he a simple monk who came to the aid of the Tsarina?

Was he a self serving imposter who tried to take the political reigns of Russia?

Is he the ultimate cause of 70 years of communist power in Russia?

I'm curious and I haven't exactly made up my own mind about this fellow.

Here's a web site that is PRO Rasputin.

And here is a web site that is a bit more negative about him, but not necessarily "against" him.

The sort of thing I'm wondering a little is: was he actually an ordained member of the clergy of the Orthodox Church? (A Reader? A Monk? otherwise?) Anyone know?


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