Monday, July 14, 2003

Unholy Dreams

I've had one of those dreams again...

(This is a work of fiction... an absurdity... nightmare...)

Or is it a lovely iridescent chimera?

I was inspired my my absurd poem of earlier today to embark on a journey that I knew was inevitable, but was afraid to start. Mind you, I love to write things that seem absurd. They seem absurd until you get beneath the surface and decipher what it is all about.

I began this blog here as a work of fiction. It is staged as a Dream Blog. I noted that numerous people at blogger have what they call "Dream Blogs" and they log all of their dreams.

Well, I shall be logging all of my dreams in a dream blog also. Only, it's fiction. There will be a story that arises out of the characters that present themselves in my dream blog. I cannot say that it will seem to be a coherent story. But I hope it will be somewhat captivating. I hope it will be meaningful. And, although it has all the makings of a journey through hell, I hope that it will point toward heaven.

For those of you who know me here, never mind the author's name. I try on different author's names like clothing. I protect myself against theft of intellectual property by making sure that I own those names as a business. My writing business doesn't make much money, but it does makes some (that is, I do have published works under a variety of nomes de guerre.) But the point for me right now isn't making money, it is saying something. My head is full of this stuff and I have to find an outlet for it. So here is a new, experimental approach: a fictitious blog. I'm not doing anything completely new. Stephen King has done similar things.

Well, here is one that I am sharing with you my friends. Proceed at your own risk.

~ Basil ~

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