Monday, July 14, 2003

A Found Poem

by Basil Bug

(Okay, I didn't really write this poem, I found it, right?)

(Isn't that what found poetry is?)

Okay, I lied. This is partially found and partially written. It is written, rather the way a bird makes a nest.

Blessings and Creeds, A Menagerie

I held up the knife,
"slave to my wife"
the Welts pic post
funny Johnny Cochran sayings
with interesting words
right into my twilight.

Then they sing the
Lutheran hosptial creed
(who are the Welts any way?)
(and how can we unravel their
Protestant appreciation of theosis?)

He enters and bows
takes his gnostic wedding vows
St Ephraim blessing sex?
No this is a bad dream.

Go back, I say, go back to Thy monastery
Enter into the abode of darkness and flee from
the romanian girls singing the Philokalia on MTV

serbian bikers
anatoilan hitch hikers,

"THE ANCHOR HOLDS" and "sheet"
I say... and rather abstain from sweet-meats
I say...
As st. raphael patron saint of prayers for unrequited love
begins his latest hit song

The poet laughts, sings aloud the sayings
funny & prophetic
of a wandering traveler throug the vast void
of infospace, searches,
searches, searches for
Sick Comments And Bumper Sticker Sayings
so that he can take more delight in
free demonic bitmaps


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