Thursday, July 30, 2009

Scary Police Officers

The scariest thing about the whole "Gates" fiasco has been the reaction of the many law enforcement officers around the country.

Then there's this guy who is a police officer (apparently, we can all see by reading his email, with about a second-grade education) who emails a major newspaper raving about things:

Here's the story from CNN: the story.

Here's his actual letter (pretty disturbing.. not so much in content as in form and what it reveals of this officers personality) : here.

The police officer in question shouldn't be fired for racism, he should be fired because he's so stupid: claiming some newspaper reporter had 4th grade grammar just because he disagreed with what that reporter said, all the while showing to (now) the whole world that he has only 2nd or 3rd grade grammer himself. Yes, if you want to know, just ax him.

What an idiot. How are any of us in this country supposed to feel safe with idiots like this police officer walking around wearing a uniform and carrying a gun!

~ Basil

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