Saturday, July 25, 2009

8 Year-old at Fault for Being Raped

Ever since I stumbled upon this news story this morning, I can't get it out of my head.

Here's one version:

That one's a little more sympathetic than a previous one I read (which I can't find now, of course.)

Her's a little better version of the story with a different perspective:
AZCentral News (Local Source)

We've all heard reports before from Saudi Arabia where when a woman is raped it is "her fault" and so she's put to death for it. But actually considering a child at fault I find intolerable. Not that it's tolerable when it is an adult, but that any one can see anything but vicitimization of a child in this story is incomprehensible. This child is being victimized by her own father, who says to the police "take her away! She can't live here any more. She has brought shame and dishonor on our whole family!"

I'm sorry, dude, but you've brought shame and dishonor upon yourself! An all your people who consider what you are saying to be normal.

I hate to sound racist. But, personally I don't think it is a racial thing, I think it is a cultural thing. It is a cultural thing that we find unacceptable here in the United States of American, and I don't care where you are from, and what your race, and what your religion, if you consider women to not have the same rights as men, and if you consider children to not have rights, then go the hell back to your own country and get out of ours, because you are not welcome here!

One of the most disturbing things about the story is the social workers saying "well, the family hasn't actually broken any laws by doing this." Well, then it is time we change the laws to protect women and children, I'd say.

It should be against the law for example, for any parent to "disown" their child under a certain age when a crime has been committed against them! It should be against the law for people to teach their boys that it is OK to rape the girls (if they can manage it), and that is basically what is being taught here.

I don't know if I'm more angry at the young boys who did this to the poor girl, or their parents. Actually, I do know. I'm more angry at their parents. Parents should be held responsible for violence abuse that their children inflict on others.

I understand that people from other cultures bring their cultural values with them when they come to the United States. I admire, have many friends and relatives, and greatly appreciate folks who immigrate to the U.S. from other countries. One of the greatest things about our country is the amazing diversity of cultures we have here.

But some things from other cultures simply cannot, and should not be tolerated. There should be laws against tolerating such things. And people who immigrate here should be required to sign a statement in their own languages that they says they renounce certain cultural things that we find not acceptable here.

One of those things is the notion that a victim should ever be considered responsible for a crime committed against them.

Another of those things is that those who commit a crime are more of a disgrace to their people than those among them against whom a crime has been committed.

And lastly, that women (and girls) have the same rights in our culture as men (and boys), and that considering men and boys to have greater worth and value than women and girls is intolerable here.


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