Saturday, May 06, 2006

This is a test...

Hi everyone! I'm back from Philly.

It was a quick trip, and I'm still recovering from the quickness.

I had the opportunity to spend one evening in Philadelphia (the most patriotic city in the U.S.A.) and it was quite an amazing place.

The happening place is CHESTNUT street. You start with the Independence Hall between 4th and 5th on Chestnut, with the Liberty Bell on display across the street (they have it all lined up so when you are on the other side of the Independence Hall and looking at it from the perfect distance, you can see the Liberty Bell through one of the arched walkways of the Independence Hall). Going both North and South on Chestnut are a ton of great restaurants, bars, clubs, bistros, and so on... you name it. There's a Ben Franklin sort of museum across the street from Indendence Square, and the block and block of buidlings are all from that vintage - the homes of our founding fathers. A very popular tourist attraction is the home of Betsy Ross.

Well, it was a cool place, I must say. I wish I could actually go there on a vacation-like trip and SEE THINGS. But, alas, I was there on business and only had but the one evening to visit DT Phily.

I did get the opportunity to eat an official Phily Chessesteak - although I didn't get the opportunity to eat it in one of the great, famous, and historic "joints" where they were invented in Philadelphia, but across the river (Deleware) in New Jersy where I was working.


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