Thursday, October 20, 2005

Blogging my way into the future

Well, the "Great Big Stupid World" blog has a very definite purpose.

I'm mulling over some ideas in my head right now, and I will be blogging in the near future on the following topics (definitely starting with the first topic, and proceeding on to the others however seems to work out best):

1. Christianity: Flying in the Face of Popular Culture
-- good things about American culture
-- bad things about American culture
(tied into the song by Randy Stonehill...)
----> what about various Christian sub-cultures?
---------<> various Protestant cultures?
---------<> various Orthodox cultures?

2. What would a Christian Nation Look Like?
-- will there ever be one again?
-- what about Russia?

3. How do I raise my children to recognize that Christianity Flies in the Face of Popular Culture {this includes choices and options for School}
(those last two may be in reverse order)
-- choices in terms of school, and personal education / entertainment, etc.

4. Which would be better (or easier, or preferable, etc.)
(a) living as a Christian in a free, pluralistic society, or (b) living as a Christian in a highly restricted Muslim society. (Oh, James, you are going to love that one. I'll actually be talking about Islam!!!!)

I will probably be working on writing these blogs for several days here, and probably all about the same time. Then I will publish each when it is ready.

I have some other thoughts on things to blog about, but not sure if I am ready or will ever be ready. One thought: "Why would anyone ever want to be a Muslim?" But, if that blog ever comes, it shall come after these 4.


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