Thursday, April 01, 2004

News Flash

NATO Shoots an Orthodox Priest

Just in case you haven't read or heard the news that NATO troops shot an Orthodox priest in the overnight raid of an Orthodox Church in Bosnia:

Orthodox Priest Shot by NATO

Also, for those of you who pray...

A customer that I work with has been visiting us at work. He was scheduled to be with us for a couple weeks, but unexpectedly got tragic news last night and had to return home to the east coast. His brother was killed in the gruesome killings yesterday in Iraq. Keep him in your prayers.

It is difficult to comprehend the mentality of horrific people who take such delight in death. Of course, eternal damnation awaits them... I guess they'd better learn to like death... But such a tragedy is always intensified if you know someone who it touches directly. It is no longer remoted, bizarre, and sickening news, but something almost personal.


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