Saturday, March 20, 2004

Of Mice and Men

We have so many plans... and they all come to nothing.

I was hoping to blog, off and on, this past week on St. Patrick of Ireland, and various St. Patrick things. Along with that I have several green photos to post. Like the one above.

All came to naught.

Then there was the four-leaf clover. I remember in college, my science professor explaining to us: "four leaf clovers are a genetic impossibility". Well, I believed him. Someone said: "yeah, but I've seen one before" to which he replied, "yes, but they don't exist."

Well, anyway, several years ago I found a four leaf clover in my wife's parent's front yard. I kept it... but I didn't keep it very well. I should have pressed it between something and something else, and then mounted it somehow - behind glass would have been nice.

Anyway, yesterday when I was cleaning up my desk, I came across that special four-leaf clover buried under dust. It had been utterly neglected, and actually forgotten. Well, I put it someplace un-dusty while I was cleaning, and told myself: "self, remember it is there, and don't accidentally destroy it." It was very brittle you see.

Well, guess what?

(scroll down)

( a little further)

Yes. Unfortunately tonight I inadvertenly crumbled my four leaf clover while trying to grab something from a tiny shelf in my desk in the dark.

I hope that isn't the end of my good luck. :)

Plus, there is the existential problem of actually inadvertently destroying my rare and exotic four-leaf cover on the very week of St. Patrick's holy day.

But really, from a different perspective: a four-leaf clover is an abomination, since what St. Patrick is actually famous for (although few realize it) is the fact that he used the clover as an example to talk with people in Ireland about the Holy Trinity.

Well, so from that perspective, I should have destroyed this four-leaf abomination the very moment I discovered it.

Of course, that would be utterly silly. A four leaf clover is a rare and special thing, unique in all God's kingdom, and as such, bears testimonly to the uniqueness of our Heavenly Father.


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