Thursday, February 26, 2004

Picture of the Day
A Portrait of Basil-Fly

My picture for Yesterday is a portrait of ME! (Can you see the resemblance?)

I forgot to upload this yesterday. Although I scanned it yesterday I was up until about midnight doing homework, and didn't get a chance to upload it.

I believe that the little purple blob is my beard. The circles around my eyes are not from staying up too late at night all the time. I think those are my glasses. Anyway, it is nice to be so skinney. :)

And the little artist:

This marvelous little portrait was drawn by my little friend (my big friend James' daughter) Charissa.

She's becoming quite the artist, and I'm flattered to have become her study. I remember with fondness when my own daughter was cranking out amusing stick figure portraits of dad.



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