Sunday, January 11, 2004

To Blog or Not To Blog?

(need I say: "that is the question?")

Well, having worked through some of the considerations of a writer's journal, I think that this blog shall not become my writer's journal. Why?

Having read several folks comments in my writing class, along with the instructor's advice, it makes sense that a writer's journal is something private - something a person feels that they can say anything that pops into their head, anything that they need to say: without having to consider that i might come to public scrutiny.

However, that having been said, I still find there are some possibilities. For one thing, it has been noted that a writer's journal should be some place the writer can stick anything. It has been suggested that even cutting out interesting things from the newspaper and taping them, glueing them into the journal is not unheard of.

Therefore, I think what I shall do is: type stuff here that I believe CAN withstand public scrutiny, and then print a copy of it and tape it into my writer's journal.

This, then, will rather become more of a public expression of my "writer's journal." That will get me blogging more often, and work itself into my assignment at school.


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