Tuesday, March 18, 2003

The End of Western Civilization...

(part 2)

Well, someone may say to me…

Basil, you fool. What’s up with this? Here people are about to suffer and die and all you care about are the Dixie Chicks? What’s wrong with you, dude?

Well, that isn’t exactly the problem. The problem is that I am willing to grant that war in some cases may be justified. I can think of a couple of simple examples. Example 1: when a foreign enemy is invading your country and you need to protect your homeland. Example 2: When you are fighting for the freedom and liberation of an oppressed people. Oppression? That would be when you are being forced into thinking along a particular ideology by the state or certain political parties (fascism). For example, when freedom of thought, expression, speech and arts are stifled, controlled (through coercion or political pressure), and so on.

So the reason the Dixie Chicks have tipped the balance in my thinking. We can see now that freedom of expression, variety of political viewpoint, and unbridled artistic expression are now far from being things that we in our country will fight to defend, in fact, they are no longer even tolerated here!

This puts the United States into two bad positions: 1, it makes us the aggressor in this war; and 2, it makes it so that we have nothing worthwhile to defend.


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